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Title of the Talk:

Satellites and Sea Turtles

I will talk about sea turtles. Long migrations in warm oceans make them captivating – but hard to track.
Satellites and remote sensing tell me where they go and when. Let me tell you how.

Ashwini Petchiappan

Designation: Consultant, Dakshin Foundation

She is a sea turtle researcher at Dakshin Foundation (an NGO), specialising in using remote sensing for ecology and the environment.
I work with the Evolutionary Ecology and Biogeography Lab at IISc Bengaluru. Getting to work with experts from around the world is a highlight of my job.

Title of the Talk:

Tales of the Sharks and Rays

Sharks are some of the most enigmatic animals swimming in our seas and are much more than their fearsome reputation.
Along with rays, they are very important in maintaining balance in our marine ecosystems. Unfortunately,
they are also some of the most threatened animals in the world today. Join this talk to learn more about these ‘fantastic creatures, their threats and conservation.

Trisha Gupta

Designation: PhD Student at Oxford University

She is a marine conservationist studying shark and ray fisheries along the Indian coastline. She is  interested in using interdisciplinary
approaches for the conservation of marine life while balancing the livelihood needs of coastal communities.

Title of the Talk:

20,000 leagues under the sea

Introduction to oceans and humankind’s relationship with it throughout history.
The talk will also dip your toes in various concepts such as biogeography and stable isotopes that will help us understand how marine life has evolved to be what it is today.

Shree Varsha Vijay Kumar

Designation: Graduate Student of Marine Biology at Pondicherry University

Having spent her childhood doting on urban animals in Bengaluru, she was clear that she wanted to make a career of it.
After her adventures and exposure from a microscope for microbes, to chasing after various kinds of ants, counting elephants etc.
Following this journey, now she finds herself happily lost at sea where the call of the deep sea beckons to me.

Title of the Talk:

Sea snakes in a human-dominated seascape

Sea snakes (Hydrophinae) are a unique lineage of Elapid snakes adapted for a completely aquatic existence.
They play a vital role as intermediate links in coastal marine ecosystems. However, conflict with fisheries and bycatch mortality threaten sea snakes throughout their tropical range.
Here he presents work from Malvan, Maharashtra on trying to understand these conflicts and mitigate them.

Shawn Dsouza

Designation: Ph.D. Student, CES, IISc.

Have worked on a variety of taxa and systems in the past including birds, butterflies, sea snakes, and fisheries. However, my central interests in community ecology and human interactions with natural systems have remained more or less unchanged.
He plans to work on understanding species interactions within coral reef communities and their links with the carbon cycle in the Andaman Islands.

Course Details


Above 15 years.


Dates: 24th & 25th April 2021

Time : 5 to 7:00 PM

Maximum participants: 25 only!

Medium: Simple English.