A pioneering initiative by Kālinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology, STORM is for people who have taken the leap from abhorring reptiles to learning and appreciating them. Be it novice snake rescuers, students, enthusiasts who would like to hone their knowledge or others who want to learn right and ethical methods of handling them, this comprehensive workshop is an open door to learning about reptiles.

Who is it for?

  • Snake rescuers
  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Animal Rescuers
  • Students aspiring to pursue herpetology as a career
  • Agriculturalists
  • Animal Control
  • Photographers
  • Anyone who has more than average interest in wildlife and herpetology
  • Who want to hone their skills in snake rescue and relocation.

what you will learn

  • Introduction to reptiles
  • Snake taxonomy
  • Snake identification methods
  • Rescue techniques using professional equipment
  • How not to rescue snakes
  • Snake release
  • First aid for snake bites
  • Legal issues 
  • Maintaining a stud book
  • Environmental education
  • Witness live snake rescue by professional snake rescuers



13-14th May 2023

Maximum seats: 25

Eligibility: Above 18 years and below 51 years
On first-come-first-serve basis
FEE: Rs.6285/-
Includes: Program costs, donation to Snake Shyam’s rescue operation, and education programmes.
Does not include: Travel to/from Mysore, travel during rescues, food and accommodation- advice on hotels can be provided on request. 


To be announced

Maximum seats: 25

Eligibility: Above 18 years and below 51 years

Medium: Simple English

Venue: Jacob & Klooster Farm, Thalambur, Off Navalur, OMR, Chennai


Learn From The Master

Gowri Shankar (ChenNai & MYSORE EDITION)

Herpetologist, TEDx Speaker, TEDFellow 2020

Gowri Shankar is a wildlife biologist working on king cobras for close to two decades. 

He has been featured in several wildlife documentaries on channels like the BBC, Discovery, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, Smithsonian and National Geographic Channel.

He completed his PhD at North Orissa University and is a former exchange student at Uppsala University, Sweden. He was awarded the herpetologist of the year-2015 by the Swedish Herpetological Society. 

More about Gowri at : http://pogirigowrishankar.wordpress.com/

Snake Shyam- ( Mysore Edition)

Senior Snake Rescuer

M. S. Balasubramania popularly known as Snake Shyam, is a snake enthusiast, wildlife conservationist in Mysore, India. Shyam has been widely recognized for his work. National Geographic featured him in its Croc Chronicles: Snakes, Karma, Action special. He has also been featured on the Discovery channel

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