SAFE CAMPUS PROGRAMME FOR Factories, Ports, Apartment Complexes, School and College Campuses

“By far the best solution, We’ve had snakes in our campus, we tried everything possible but nothing worked, we were concerned for the safety of our staff , KCRE’s VRM programme not only helped reduces snake movement in the campus but also helped us identify different species and taught us how to co-exist safely with these original residents of the land”
Vice President – Health Safety Environment


Are you worried about snakes in your campus?
Do you see snakes being killed in your office or community? 

An Initiative to increase awareness on reptiles and reduce human-animal conflict in urban and semi-urban areas  with snakes without chemical intervention.<br>

A pioneering initiative by Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology (KCRE). This program is a practical implementation of lessons learned from over two decades of experience in snake rescues and human-animal conflicts with snakes.

PS: Please note we do not operate as pest controllers. We believe people can and need to learn to co-exist with urban wildlife. Our aim is to create awareness and show the way to appreciate life around them

About VRM Safe Campus Program

Through a three-pronged approach, we aim to offer immediate assistance, timely rescue interventions, and implementation of long-term conflict resolution plans. 

We will conduct regular follow-ups through maintenance checks, drills and close interactions with residential communities to help foster a responsible attitude towards our environment and urban wildlife. 

Guided and monitored by experts at all stages, this program is a collective effort of the scientific team backing it and the residential community.


Campus assessment based on campus survey determining existence and possibility of the existence of venomous snakes – locating habitats, nests, water holes, micro-climate zones, ‘feeding opportunity’ zones, and suggesting measures to clear these zones to make it less inviting for snakes. 


Conduct a detailed workshop with security, house-keeping, gardening & maintenance team on: Snake Alert Protocol, Identifying common species of snakes, Safe capture and isolation. Snakebite Prevention, Snakebite Protocol, Effective First Aid and Evacuation.


Better than killing

It’s their home we have occupied, they are not the pests, we are. Killing snakes is a wildlife offence in India and many countries. You don’t have to anymore.

Snake repellents are a scam

Pesticides don’t really work on snakes like they do on rats and insects. All so called snake repellant in the market have severe side effect on the environment

The one and only available Eco Friendly solution

Yes, this eco friendly program has been designed by snake experts and PHD’s in the field of science.

Better than getting bitten

Snake bites kill more than 50000 people in a year in India, Large factories and disturbed semi urban areas have increase in human animal conflicts. Occupants need to learn a things and get trained in these aspects.

A Long term solution

VRM program focuses on understanding, avoiding, managing and reacting in situations when it comes to snakes. This is the only long term effective solutions.

Saves lives & legal hazzles

For every campus managed well, numerous lives can be saved of people and animals.