Online workshop on visual storytelling
25-26th Sept 2021

From polar bears in the Arctic to emperor penguins in the Antarctic, wildlife films have unraveled some of the most fascinating lifeforms on Earth.
As interesting as they are, where do you begin if you wish to tell such revelatory and impactful stories about the natural world?
Do you need to travel far and wide?
Do you  require cutting edge filming equipment?
Where do you even start?
This workshop holds the answers. It will help you discover a ‘Wild eye’ for visual stories.  

Highlights of the workshop

  • Understanding different forms of storytelling.

  • Impact of visual storytelling on wildlife

  • Explore the importance of natural history and research before filming.

  • Learn the elements of filming – script, camera fundamentals, techniques, and audio elements

  • Reviewing footage, logging and creating editing script

  • Stitching together a finished product

  • Collaborations and publishing the finished product

  • Introduction to grants and funding opportunities

On completion of this course you are welcome to enroll for a 3-day field workshop at Agumbe. Here you will get to put into action all that you learned and go on to making your very own wildlife film. 

Course directors

Abhilash Krishna

Abhilash Krishna is a Bangalore-based filmmaker. He started as a print media journalist with DNA-Bangalore. 
He co-founded Eyeris Media, a visual media company, where he made short films on diverse topics ranging from  busting snake myths, environment cleanup drives to tree planting.
He has worked with organizations like Grama Vikasa, Sikshana Foundation, Karnataka Forest Department and Kalinga Foundation. 
Abhilash has had the opportunity to get mentored and collaborate with industry stalwarts like Nat Geo Filmmaker Sandesh Kadur and Grammy award winner Ricky Kej.
Forever a student of filmmaking, he hopes to  inspire others to tell stories from the natural world.
This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was made by Abhilash Krishna and team for the Karnataka State Forest Department. This highly impactful short video was filmed in collaboration with actor Darshan and herpetologist P Gowri Shankar. 

Skanda Rathnam

Skanda Rathnam is a Mysore-based photographer and cinematographer.
He is an alumnus of L.V. Prasad Film And TV Academy, Chennai. He has worked in various feature films and documentaries.
Skanda is also a wildlife enthusiast and has extensively photographed wild animals in and around Karnataka. 
The upcoming feature film ‘Cutting Shop’ is his first independent work.
Glimpses from this Kannada film based on the Editor’s work-life tragedies. Enveloped in entertainment, drama, and comedy, it will keep you hooked to the screen.


Open to ALL above 15 years.


Dates: 25th & 26th Sept 2021


On Google Meet

Batch Size: 20 only!


Rs. 1,785/-