Dr P Gowri Shankar

Course Director

Herpetologist, TED Speaker

As a researcher, public speaker, presenter, educator and conservationist, Gowri Shankar brings forth a 360-degree perspective of snake rescue and conservation.

He wishes to educate people about snakes, help them overcome their fears, and learn to treat snakes with respect. He hopes someday these magnificent animals will get a fair chance to life

Wildlife biologist, TED speaker

  • Doctorate from Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanja Deo University, formerly North Orissa University (NOU), Odisha, India
  • Former exchange student at Uppsala University, Sweden. 
  • TEDFellow 2020,
  • TEDx speaker.
  • Awarded the ‘Herpetologist of the Year 2015’ by the Swedish Herpetological Society and
  • Vasundhara Mitra Award 2023 by Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited.
  • Co-Founder, Director of Kalinga Foundation
  • Founder, Director Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology

Gowri Shankar recently published his discovery of the presence of four species of king cobras as against one, as believed for the last 185 years. 

Listen to him speak about this in his TED Talk and on TED Radio Hour.


International wildlife documentaries:

Featured in the following wildlife documentaries filmed by/for channels like the BBC, Discovery, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, Smithsonian and the National Geographic Channels:


Priyanka Swamy
PhD Student, University of Mysore

Priyanka has diverse experience across ecological field and laboratory work. As part of the Phylogeography of king cobras project, she has travelled to king cobra habitats across the world and has experience with phylogenetic and population genetics tools to understand evolutionary and biogeography patterns and assist conservation prioritisation. She has also addressed questions related to diversity pattern, population structure and drivers of diversification of the Ranids of the Western Ghats and other herpetofauna.

An excellent environment educator, she has co-conducted a wide range of outreach programs for diverse audiences from school and college students, to forest officials, researchers, and enthusiasts.

She is now pursuing her PhD project on Malabar pit vipers. Her project and experiments have started to reveal the secretive lives of these snakes, never known to science before


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