Spoken English Classes

An off-shoot of the School Butterfly Garden Project

The School butterfly garden project has sparked so much enthusiasm among kids. Every day they report their findings, update the database, and go on butterfly walks. Come holidays and they are un-stoppable!

There was one area that these bright kids felt they needed to improve. It was their spoken English skills.

We acknowledged their request and set about charting plans to make it happen for them. 

A team comprising of local volunteers, teachers from different schools in Bangalore, student volunteers from Kalinga Foundation set about working on this project.

Kind donors pitched in by supplying notebooks, bags, accommodation for volunteers, pickup and drop service for teachers.  Parents very kindly offered free lunches and dinners for the team. 

The project was inaugurated on the 4th of April and has been on full swing with over 150 students taking part.  



Spoken english classes

Classes in progress

Parent & Teacher feedback