Is this internship for you ?

  • A passion for wildlife research and conservation,

  • Preparedness to rough it out in the field with minimum resources,

  • Self-driven with the ability to deliver under minimal guidance,

  • Good communicator with a diverse audience, and

  • A good team player

are the primary qualifications for this internship.


Who can apply ?

  • BSc – Science graduates/freshers graduating in the coming year.
  • BSc students planning to pursue wildlife as their career
  • Students on a gap year after BSc. 
  • Students of wilderness tourism and hospitality  

         A commitment of 6 complete months in the field is mandatory.

If you have envisioned living in a forest, learning and doing meaningful work for environment conservation, and making a difference to our planet, then this internship is for you.

What you get to do...

Environmental Education

Conduct environmental education programs for local schools, colleges, and village communities

Gain an in-depth understanding of the rainforests and educate visitors by taking them on nature trails, delivering presentations, and interaction

Assist educators during workshops and camps


Assist in ongoing research projects:

  • King cobra rescue and relocation and breeding biology,
  • Seasonal variation in species richness and abundance of snakes in Agumbe
  • Spatial Ecology of Malabar Pit Vipers(to start in Dec 2021),  

Plan and carry out your own projects (Optional)

Lead junior volunteers on small projects

Media / Social Media

Share daily updates in the form of photographs, videos, interesting observations and sightings

You will engage with users across the world by managing the organization’s social media pages (Optional)

Required Skills

  • A strong interest in conservation education and outreach
  • Ability to communicate and interact with diverse audiences(School kids, college students, general visitors, researchers, photographers, enthusiasts)
  • Interest to explore and learn basic research
  • Personal drive to achieve results
  • Ability to work proactively, independently and with nominal resources
  • Good oral skills in English (Kannada optional)

Optional: Creative writing skills 
                 Interest in photography
                 Ride two-wheeler or four-wheeler with a valid driving license

Take aways

Mouli intern



  • Field skills – assist in projects and roughing it out in a rainforest
  • Engaging and working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Networking with wildlife educators, ecologists, photographers, researchers 
  • Develop good personal, time and resource management skills
  • Broadening knowledge through practical exposure, books in the library and access to scientific articles
  • Certificate on completion of the internship

We will cover your food and accommodation. Stipend/remuneration is not included.

How to apply ?

Internship dates: To be announced
1. Mail your updated CV to kalinga@kalingafoundation.org with "Resident Internship-2022" mentioned in the subject line.
2. Send us your SOP(Statement of Purpose) in not more than 500 words.
3. Recent referral letter
4. Email ID and Contact number of 2 references 


Mouli Raj

Resident Intern 2019-2020

MSc Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance
University of Glasgow

A once in a lifetime experience!

“My association with Kalinga Foundation and KCRE as a resident intern is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I would call it a second home for me, mainly because of the mentorship that I received from the organisation. I was a student of wildlife with an immense passion for photography, it was this organisation that gave me the right recognition and a better platform to hone my skills. It was indeed a great place for me to explore myself and gain more exposure before beginning my higher studies in Scotland. A special thanks to my mentor Gowri Shankar sir, who recognised me and who was always there by my side giving me the right experience and encouragement to push my limits. Sharmila mam and Prashanth sir were excellent mentors who gave me the intense knowledge and exposure required both on and off the field. On the whole, Kalinga Foundation, KCRE is definitely a go-to place for students, wildlife enthusiasts and even non-scientific communities with any level of expertise. “




Maheshwaran Govender

Resident Intern Aug – Dec 2017

MSc. Tropical biodiversity and ecosystems
Université libre de Bruxelles


“The resident internship in KCRE allowed me to live and work in the heart of the rainforest. Everyday fieldwork, mind-blowing observations, and working with local communities boosted my fascination for herpetology and socio-ecology. The interactions with the visiting students, researchers, and academicians helped me build a wider network. The experience paved the way to attain a research assistantship in Thailand.”




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