Help your child explore current ecological research by top research students from across the world!

  • Arctic science-climate change, snake venom research, primates ecology, sharks and community work, snakes and evolution-phylogeography and more.

  • Each day, your child gets to dive deep into one topic and learn things that Google may not be able to answer.

  • Engaging presentations, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and discussions will be part of the program.
  • After this program, your child will be able to connect classroom theories to real-world conservation issues.
  • Parents, this is your best chance to find out how research could be a promising career option for your child.


Open to ALL Between 13 to 18yrs

(8th to 12th Graders)


Dates: 31st Oct, 1st, 7th & 8th November 2020

Time : 5 to 7:00 PM

Maximum participants: 25 only!

Medium: Simple English.


Rs. 1,750/-