Wild IQ Online

21 - 24th September 2021
5PM to 7PM

What is a Boreal Forest ?

Also called the 'Taiga', boreal forest is the world's largest biome where freezing temperatures occur for 6 to 8 months!
Now, Imagine looking over a vast stretch of Arctic tundra with the cold wind on your face and wondering:
  • What kind of organisms can I find here?
  • How do they manage to live in this cold harsh environment?
  • How are they affected by climate change?
This workshop brings to you a 360-degree overview of life from the white forest.
These  research students from the University Centre in Svalbard live, work and explore the arctic.
They will connect with you to help you learn about the common species, the general ecology and interesting historical information from the Arctic.
Ready to explore the Arctic with us ?

Meet the team

PhD students of Artic Marine research and Artic terrestrial research.
University Centre in Svalbard

Cheshtaa Chitkara

Victor Gonzalez Triginer

Robynne Calypso Nowicki

Snorre Flo

Vanessa Pitusi

Sil Schuuring


Open to ALL above 15 years.


Dates: 21st to 24th September

Time : 5:00 to 7:00 PM

Maximum participants: 25 only!

Medium: Simple English.