EXPLORE: Experience Kālinga Mané

KCRE is among the few research sites that welcome people to engage in direct conservation. Not only does one get to experience nature in its most pristine form but also an opportunity to delve deeper by learning about life in the rainforests.

With researchers willing to share and educate, every moment spent here takes one beyond a mere rainforest experience.

People are welcome to visit throughout the year. Prior reservation is necessary in order to arrange logistics (not a simple affair given we are nestled a bit deep in the forest).


Be the catalyst, and empower your teams, communities, and children through the following initiatives :

Venomous Reptile Management Program (VRM)
A safe campus programme for factories, townships, villas, ports, apartment complexes, school and college campuses

Wild Calling : A Customized Program for School Children, featuring a thoughtfully planned itinerary

Wild Horizon: A Customized Program for College Students, offering a carefully curated itinerary

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